Dermal Fillers Sydney

Looking for dermal fillers Sydney ? Have you been looking for cosmetic doctors in Sydney that provide a safe natural looking way to get rid of  lip wrinkles or facial wrinkles using anti wrinkle injections ? Laluna are experts in helping our clients to get rid of wrinkles with results that look naturally balanced and with minimal discomfort. Wrinkles around the lips, the eyes or any facial wrinkles is what we specialise in.

As it currently stands in the cosmetics industry, there is a huge range in facial fillers that can be sourced on the open market by many unscrupulous cosmetic clinics today. Cosmetic fillers range in a huge range of brands and if you’ve been looking to find the best place for dermal fillers in Sydney, then our highest recommendation is that you only deal with a cosmetic clinic that is operated by highly trained cosmetic doctors.

This is everything to do cheek fillers, facial fillers and everything involving basically dermal fillers. When you deal with cosmetic doctors, you are dealing with trained experts who will deliver a natural looking balance to your face using only the best dermal fillers you can get on the Australian market that are safe and guaranteed to deliver results without the dangers of poor quality facial fillers.

Here at La Luna, we provide the cosmetic doctors you need to give you that beautifully balanced natural look and with only the most popular and tested facial fillers used by only the leading cosmetic clinics. We provide everything you need from cheek fillers, to coolsculpting, to anti wrinkle injection treatments, to non surgical facelifts and more. We are specially trained cosmetic doctors that deliver on results without the risks that come from poor quality products or poorly trained cosmetic clinic specialists.

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Before and after lip filler injections

What Should I ask About Dermal Fillers Before Treatment ?

It always pays to ask some questions about what brands of dermal fillers are going to be used so as to be positive that you are only getting the best products from your cosmetic clinic.

Some things to take not of are :

  • Only ever deal with a recognised clinic that is run by cosmetic doctors.
  • Always be sure to ask for what period of time or how long they have been operating as cosmetic doctors with fillers.
  • Be 100% that the product on offer is the genuine product and you are getting the recognised brand that you are paying for. Request to inspect the packaging of the product prior to any treatment.
  • Be very careful when it comes to extremely cheap  injectable ‘deals’ as they may be associated with a counterfeit product.

What Types Of Dermal Fillers Are There ?

To make it as easy as possible to under for our clients, dermal fillers can be put into tow categories for Australia and for how long they will last per use.

Non Permanent Injections 3 Months All The Way To Three Years

For non permanent treatments, we only recommend dermal fillers where their active ingredient consists of polysaccharide. This is basically a complex sugar chain which is found in all animal and human skin. Because these products are naturally found in your own skin, the chances of you having an allergic reaction are very minimal and also eliminates pre treatment skin testing. It should be noted, these fillers are not of any animal origin. How this works is that polysaccharide is manufactured synthetically but is identical to that found in human skin as it is.

Why Do We Believe That These Are Some Of The Best Dermal Or Facial Fillers ?

We believe that these are some of the best products on the market because :

  • These tend to provide the best possible correctional results for helping sculpt and add volume
  • Carry with it a proven safety record and are a proven product
  • These injectables are not sourced from animal matter
  • Eliminates the need for pre-testing before treatment can be administered
  • Normally deliver a correction period of : 3 months – 12 months depending on the brand of filler used

What About Permanent And Semi Permanent Fillers ?

This is the other type of filler that you can find through yopur cosmetic clinic is permanent to semi permanent filler. The primary focus of these fillers is to deliver volume to the given area being treated but onward from that, also stimulate the surrounding tissue to help form new collagen. Given the principles of how these fillers work, they do have somewhat of a tendency to form foreign body granulomas in some cases which are otherwise hard red lumps which may end up requiring cortisone injections or surgical excision.

What Is Our Recommendation To Which Facial Fillers You Should Use ?

From our own professional opinion and based on actual anecdotal reports, there is the distinct possibility there could be permanent complications with these types of dermal fillers. Although it may seem tempting, that however reducing the cost long term, and the time and discomfort involved it is not the preferred safety method or method that is designed to produce the best possible results. We advise you take this into account seriously if you are thinking of venturing down the permanent avenue.

What Is The Primary Purpose Of Dermal Fillers ?

  • Dermal fillers can be used for filing in wrinkles or hollows which commonly occur from natural age or even weight loss
  • Facial fillers can be used for enhancing facial features such as that of cheek bones or the chin area
  • For Correcting Scars from injury or post surgical scars.
  • For correcting acne scars
  • Non Surgical Rhinoplasty for hiding deformities of the nasal areas and for people not wanting surgery.
  • Lip Augmentation for added volume and fullness to lips making them look more sensual.

How Long Does Dermal Facial Correction Last ?

We often get asked this question in how long do dermal fillers last. You must understand that no two people are the same. How long facial fillers last largely depends on the individual in question, what type of dermal filler was used and where about it was injects can also play a role in how long your treatment will last. We would best advise you on this after a treatment based on your own results and the filler that was chosen for your treatment.

Before and after dermal filler

How Is This Facial Treatment Done ?

Your average treatment will consume on average about 20 minutes to half an hour depending on the treatment being done and approximately how many syringes will be used. Although the fillers do contain a local anesthetic, for highly sensitive ares such as lips, we recommend nerve blocks as this will make the process pain free altogether.

The first thing you will notice after treatment is welling but do not be alarmed as this is a natural process of the filler naturally attracting water or moisture from surrounding tissue. Usually after about 72 hours, swelling tends to settle down.

What Should You Be Aware Of As A Consumer Of Filler Products ?

Cosmetic clinics are a booming industry and because of this doctors and nurses and even every day people who are not highly skilled in this arena, are flocking to the cosmetics field. Before you even take into account cometic enhancements, please consider these important following points.

How experienced is the individual who will be doing the injecting on you. This is very important. This is a specialty field that take time to master and basically, anyone can inject a filler under the skin.

What makes the ultimate difference in injecting filler to get rid of wrinkles is how well your nurse or doctor can feel how it’s being injected and where it is being injected, and what areas need to be filled with the right balance of filler. Don’t let it phase you if you want to know how long your cosmetic doctor have been practicing filler injections at their practice.

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Can The Treatment Be Made Comfortable ?

Yes it can but please also be aware that nurses are not permitted by law to administer local anesthetic blocks to patients wanting dermal fillers. As this is the case, these treatments could prove quite painful while being carried out. In a lot of cases, what is known as EMLA cream is used in place of anesthetic blocks but are not quite as effective as anesthetic blocks.

Don’t Make Your Decision Based On Cheap Facial Fillers

When  you have a licensed and experienced doctor carrying out your treatment, please take into account that what you are paying is for absolute precision. When it comes to your own face, the worst thing we can tell you is to look for cheap dermal filler packages. You may be paying a little more with cosmetic doctors carrying out your treatment, but this should make you feel at ease that what you are paying for is also a reflection of the skill and experience you are buying.

Always Check With Your Treating Doctor That You Are Getting The Dermal Filler You Are Paying For

The court rooms are full of unhappy cosmetic clients pressing for damages because they were given imported cheap facial fillers rather than what they thought they paid for. Getting rid of wrinkles for a long time requires quality safe products. Always ensure that what you are paying for is a quality product that is common and proven on the Australian market.

Check this with your cosmetic doctor to guarantee you that what you are paying for is the genuine article. It’s fine to want to get rid of jowl lines, cheek lines, eye brow lines and lip wrinkles BUT, not at the cost of your appearance or health. Quality fillers that come from reputable cosmetic clinics do cost a bit more than untested cheap dermal fillers but, the benefits gained are more than worth the cost

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