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Face Thread Lifts What Are They And How Do They Work

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Face Thread Lift Treatments


Face Thread LiftFace thread lifts have become increasingly popular in recent years and are the go-to procedure for many people hoping to refresh their look and achieve a younger-looking appearance. Why have surgery when you can opt for a face thread lift which can be done during your lunch break? Whether it’s a full face thread lift, a jowl lift, a fox eye thread lift or just a neck lift, this can all be done using the thread lift treatment. This treatment today is generally carried out by most cosmetic clinics

Everyone from celebrities to social media influencers has gotten on board with the trend for this non-surgical treatment as a way to improve many of the common signs of facial ageing, such as sagging skin, to help maintain a youthful look.

Gone are the days of going under the knife with plastic surgery and the added expense of paying thousands of dollars with extended periods of time off work for recovery and healing. Not to mention the healing pain that one endures while facial tissue recovers from surgery.

If you have spotted impressive before and after photos on Instagram of celebrities showcasing their new post-face thread lift look, you may be keen to learn more about the treatment and what it involves. Read on to discover more about this non-surgical procedure, including how it is performed, how it works, and how long the results last:


What is a Face Thread Lift?


A face thread lift is a facial cosmetic treatment and is often described as a non-surgical facelift. The treatment should only be carried out by skilled professionals to ensure the procedure achieves the best results and is performed safely. A face thread lift helps reduce the signs of ageing and refresh the appearance by lifting problem areas of the face. The eyes, jawline, cheeks and chin can all lose their defined appearance over time, which results in sagging skin. A face thread lift targets these areas by tightening the loose skin and delivering impressive results.


How Does a Face Thread Lift Work?


The face thread lift works by lifting the soft tissue in the face helping it to look tighter and smoother. The procedure involves the use of thin absorbent threads which are inserted into the skin. The insertion of the thread through the skin is used to elevate the soft tissue in the area and effectively lifts it to remove any sagging or drooping.

How Long Does a Face Thread Lift Last?


Although a face thread lift is not considered a permanent procedure, it can deliver impressive results that last. The initial threads that are inserted into the skin dissolve after a few months, but their insertion stimulates collagen production. The increased collagen production means the results of this non-surgical procedure should last for around two years.


Is Face Thread Lift Safe?


As face thread lifts are non-invasive, they do not carry the risks often associated with surgical cosmetic procedures such as traditional facelifts. Face thread lifts performed here at La Luna are carried out by our highly trained and experienced doctors, who have completed these procedures many times.


Does a Face Thread Lift Hurt?


This treatment is not generally considered painful, but the pulling sensation may cause a little discomfort. To alleviate discomfort, a numbing cream will be applied to your face before the face thread lift begins.


How is Face Thread Lift Done?


Fine PDO thread is inserted into the skin to lift the soft tissue underneath. The thread is then pulled to create a tightening effect on the targeted area to achieve smoother, firmer-looking skin.


How Much is a Face Thread Lift?


The costs of a face thread lift can vary. To find out more about the cost of the procedure, why not contact us directly? And we will be happy to advise you.


Advantages and Disadvantages of a Face Thread Lift Compared to Surgery


  • Face Thread Lifts are Less Invasive


Face thread lifts are far less invasive than surgical facelifts, making them a preferable option for people who do not like the idea of ‘going under the knife’ and having full cosmetic surgery.


  • Face Thread Lifts Help With Problem Areas 


The results of a face thread lift are impressive, helping to tighten skin and dealing with problem areas resulting from the ageing process. A face thread lift treatment is especially good at dealing with common problem areas such as sagging jowls which affect the appearance of your facial profile and will help your face shape look defined once again.


  • Face Thread Lift Results are Less Dramatic Compared with Surgical Facelift


Having a face thread lift procedure provides noticeable results but does not usually deliver the dramatic effects of a surgical facelift. This is good news if you are looking for more subtle results and don’t want your changes to look too drastic. Choosing a face thread lift can provide you with more natural-looking results, which is what many people hope to achieve through cosmetic treatments.


  • Face Thread Lift Does Not Require Extensive Recovery Time


Having a surgical facelift can require a considerable amount of recovery time while you are waiting for bruising and any swelling to subside. The initial bruising on your face may take a few weeks to start fading, and you will need time off work to allow yourself to recover during this time. You may find that the full results of your facelift are not visible for several months, so it could take a while to see your final look. In contrast, having a face thread lift usually only requires a day or two off work to recover.


  • Face Thread Lifts are Less Expensive


Deciding to have a surgical facelift can be a big financial commitment. The cost of a surgical facelift can be extremely expensive, and you may be apprehensive both about the amount of money involved and whether the results will be as you hoped. However, a face thread lift is an inexpensive alternative while still offering you benefits such as a chin lift, cheek lift, brow lift, and jowl lift to give you a younger appearance.


  • Face Thread Lifts are not Permanent


A face thread lift is not permanent, so the results may not last as long as a surgical facelift. However, you may find that the effects last longer than you expected as a result of the procedure promoting collagen production in your skin.



If you want to rejuvenate your look and deal with problematic signs of aging, a face thread lift could be the perfect choice for you. This non-surgical treatment is inexpensive, carries less risk than a surgical facelift, but delivers impressive results.