About Our Cosmetic Clinic

Cosmetic ClinicOur cosmetic clinic aims to employ the best cosmetic specialists in Australia. Dr Barea is an Aesthetic Doctor working in Cosmetic Medicine for over 15 years and General Practice Medicine for the past 26 years. She is a passionate Cosmetic Doctor with dual membership of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia and the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine.

Her holistic aesthetical approach marks the difference in her fine artistic work where science, art and beauty unite. Dr Barea regularly attends international conferences in an endeavor to bring the latest techniques and ideas in facial and body enhancement. She is one of the pioneers in the threading facelift in Australia and was one of the first to adopt this innovative procedure.

What Can We Offer You As Cosmetic Doctors ?

Dr Barea’s love of art and beauty manifest in her fine work aiming to rejuvenate and restore balance with the best available with current technology in non surgical, natural look cosmetic treatments . Her passion for aesthetics extends beyond the clinic as she is an avid art enthusiast in her personal life.

Dr Najee is a Cosmetic Doctor who graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery from Bond University. He attained the Deans Award for achieving the highest grade in medical school and the medical prize for highest achiever in medicine.

He has a special interest in the art of lip enhancements and is the doctor behind our signature natural look lip lift. He is a student of aesthetics and in constant pursuit of balance and proportion. Dr Alameddin has a subtle eye for detail that separates his work from the norm and consistently delivers a natural enhancement.