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As cosmetic specialists at La Luna, we offer many non surgical cosmetic treatments for the face and body carried out by Sydney’s leading cosmetic clinic right here from our Double Bay Cosmetic Clinic. Non-invasive, minimally invasive and non surgical cosmetic treatments all mean the same thing; that is treatments that do not require incisions or cutting through skin whether it is a facelift, jowl lift to lift sagging jowls, neck lift or anything to do with lifting sagging skin.

This medical area has grown drastically over the years as more clients desire cosmetic results without the down time and risks that surgery carries. Our cosmetic medical clinic ensures our clients receive the leading technological advancements in this field. Our Sydney cosmetic doctors created this clinic with a mission to provide all our clients’ cosmetic goals in the one place. Whether you desire to lose belly fat, remove the double chin or love handles, add natural volume with lip injections or define the jawline and cheeks our Australian clinic has many options available. Below is a brief description of all of our treatments. For more information click on the treatment of interest above.

CoolSculpting Treatments

CoolSculpting is the world leading non surgical fat freezing technology. It works by cooling an area of fat which results in the fat being eliminated naturally from the body. Scientists at Harvard University discovered that cold temperature triggers the fat cell to die naturally. All the cells in our body are constantly being created for a certain amount of time then eventually eliminated. Once these cells serve their purpose and reach the end of their lifespan they undergo something called ‘programmed cell death’. This is the medical term for our body breaking down and naturally eliminating cells. The cell will break apart into smaller pieces and the body will eliminate it. The scientists at Harvard discovered that by cooling the fat cells they would enter the bodies programmed cell death pathway.

This means that we can lose fat without a single cut or incision! Non surgical fat freezing treatment in its purest form. We simply apply the CoolSculpting applicator onto stubborn fat areas you want to get rid of for an hour and its done. No downtime, no need to take time off and back to your regular activities. These benefits are the reason why non invasive cosmetic treatments in Sydney have become such popular options. CoolSculpting is a very safe treatment and has been tried and tested with over 6 million procedures world wide. Basically what is otherwise known as fat freezing, it is one of the few non surgical fat loss treatments that is supported by numerous scientific studies showing that it works. Check out our CoolSculpting treatments for some before and after pictures and more information.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers do what the name suggests; fill a space within your soft tissue. They are one of the most versatile treatments options. They are commonly used to add volume to lips, define the jaw, get rid of eye bags (tear trough fillers), define the cheek, get rid of wrinkles around the mouth and even get rid of wrinkles on the neck. They can fill the gaps that naturally occur as the face flattens or becomes drawn down with age. However it is critical that it is carried out by an experienced cosmetic specialist. La Luna embodies natural looking enhancement in order to keep all your facial features in balance and harmony. We avoid creating a fake look and seek to enhance subtly and elegantly. We have some of the best cosmetic specialists in Sydney as part of our team who will go through a detailed assessment during your consultation to listen to your goals and give their expertise on the best way to achieve this whilst maintaining proportion and balance. Check out our filler injection treatments for more information and before and after pictures.

Anti-wrinkle injections

Anti wrinkle injections are injections of a substance that relaxes the muscles which cause wrinkles. By relaxing these muscles the wrinkles reduce and even disappear. There are many new anti aging treatments for 2018 but anti wrinkle injections is one of the most effective treatment options. We are an Australian facial and body  clinic and our cosmetic doctors strive for a natural look whereby the wrinkles disappear but your facial expression remains. We are one of the top anti wrinkle specialists because we achieve desired results without the frozen face look. These injections can also slim the jaw by relaxing the jaw muscles to create a slimmer face with a more defined jaw line. Other applications of this treatment include removing frown lines, removing crows feet and wrinkles on the forehead. We use the highest quality anti wrinkle products and our injectors are doctors only. Visit our anti wrinkle injection treatments to see more.

( Non Surgical Facial Treatments )

Non surgical facelift is one of our signature procedures. We are lucky to have Dr Barea as part of our team who is one of Australia’s leading non-surgical thread lift. If you want to know how this non surgical treatment works, it involves inserting fine hair like threads under the skin which subtly lift flattened areas.

It can be used to define and contour the cheek, define the jaw and straighten the nose. The results are exquisitely elegant and can create an overall slimmer look with high cheek bones and a more defined jaw.

This procedure will be the next big thing in the cosmetic landscape as it solves problems other treatments are not designed to solve. Unlike fillers which fill a space, the thread face lift reposition your own tissue in the area of flatness.

As a result, you get a less puffy and more natural and defined look. Results remain for up to 2 years so this is a very popular treatment amongst our clientele. If you’ve been wanting a fox eye lift a jowl lift, cheek lift or other type of facial thread lift, see our thread lift treatments for more information.

Skin laser Treatments

Clear and glowing skin is one of the most important factors in creating a refreshed and beautiful look. We offer fractional skin laser treatment which as the name suggests delivers a laser beam into a fraction of skin. As the body ages collagen (the main protein in the skin) is gradually lost contributing to facial lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Laser beams trigger new collagen to be deposited in the dermis (2nd layer of the skin). In effect it rejuvenates the skin for a more youthful and glowing appearance. It can also work to reduce and remove pigmentation of the skin.

Zimmer skin tightening

Zimmer skin tightening works to tighten the skin by delivering shockwaves that do 2 things; firstly increase blood circulation to the area and secondly increases collagen deposition similar to the fractional laser. However it works on a deeper level and allows the skin to become more elastic and firmer. It can be used to tighten skin around the abdomen, male chest, arms or buttocks. It takes 10-15 minutes so you can drop in and out quite quickly. Check out our skin tightening page for more information.

Hair regrowth Treatments

We offer hair regrowth services with a procedure that stimulates hair growth. It can be used on both females and males alike. Unfortunately, due to medical advertising regulations we cannot explain how the hair regrowth treatment works online. Our Australian cosmetic clinic has achieved phenomenal results so speak to our friendly staff for more information on 02 8096 1919.

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