Due to updated regulations we are unable to mention or describe common injectable treatments.
Our clinic can provide consultations with our cosmetic doctors to help improve the signs of skin ageing*

before and after forehead wrinkles
before and after eye wrinkles
before and after antiwrinkle injections
before and after frown line removal
before and after crows feet
Before and after antiwrinkle

Sydney Cosmetic Treatments

La Luna is a dedicated Sydney Clinic that focuses on restoring the youthfulness that is often masked by our wrinkles such as forehead wrinkles, eyes, wrinkles around the lips and neck. Having said this, forehead wrinkle treatments are becoming very popular as of late as this adds a huge boost in restoring a youthful look as well.

As we strive to be Sydney’s best cosmetic injection clinic our treatments are carried out by qualified doctors. This ensures our customers are in safe and knowledgeable hands and we always aim for the best treatments. Our treatments are a quick, non-surgical way to achieve a relaxed and refreshed look such as

Key points about La Luna Cosmetic Doctors

  • You will be injected by a Cosmetic Doctor only
  • Our doctors are highly experienced with over 17 years experience in cosmetic medicine and over 30 years in medicine
  • Our clinic is centered around natural looking results and facial balance
  • We have developed a unique injecting technique that produces a natural and aesthetic look
  • We use only the most premium and high-end brands

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