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Does freezing off love handles sound too good to be true?

Let’s take a minute to fully appreciate the splendour of Spanx. Despite their universal ability to repel the opposite sex, the undergarments are now a firmly established staple in women’s underwear drawers (and in their hearts), as the brand revolutionised the market and the way clothing, particularly dresses, hugged the body. Like render over brickwork, there’s little that these loincloths of elasticised material won’t magically conceal. But that’s where the magic stops. Sure enough, those regular problem areas return as soon as your regular roster of Calvin Kleins does.

The fact of the matter is, despite a healthy diet and targeted exercise, oftentimes those problem areas – love handles, flanks, muffin tops, saddle bags (all so creatively nicknamed, too) – are the most challenging to shift. Little pockets of contention that others seldom notice have likely grown into your bugbear, impeding a slip dress from slipping, a waisted dress from cinching, cigarette pants from skimming.

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