Lip Augmentation Before And After

Before and after lip filler injections
Before and after dermal filler
Before After Lip Filler injections
Before and after lip filler injections
lip injections sydney
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Lip Augmentation Clinic Sydney

There are many lip augmentation clinics in Sydney but few that focus on creating the best natural look lip fillers without the done look. Our before and after shots of our natural look filler injections show the delicacy and attention to detail and emphasis on facial balance we show when enhancing our patients lips. We provide natural look injections by highly trained experts in cosmetic medicine.

Our aim is to provide feminine sexy looking lips that suit your unique facial characteristics. Luscious enhancments without looking like you have visited a cosmetic clinic in Sydney

Will Lip Fillers or Augmentation Suit Everyone ?

Lip fillers injection treatments vary according to the expertise of the person injecting. In the right hands lip filler injections can suit a wide variety of different facial shapes and characteristics. Lip Augmentation or filler injections is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments as more women and men seek luscious looking lips that enhance their facial features. Everyone has different looking lips and pouts are generally different and not always perfect, but  generally many lip shapes can be enhanced to provide fuller more naturally looking beautiful lips.

Before After Lip Filler injections
Lip filler injections sydney

How Are Dermal Fillers or Lip Augmentation Carried Out ?

How lip augmentation is carried is by injecting dermal fillers into the lips which are approved by the TGA, Australia’s governing body for medical products. We first numb the lips with numbing cream to help make the treatment comfortable. Then one of our highly trained cosmetic doctors sculpts and augments your lips. It is important that you are treated by a cosmetic doctor to firstly achieve a desired result and secondly cause minimal discomfort or pain and minimal recovery time. With our cosmetic doctors you are in some of the most experienced hands for lip fillers that look natural.

How Many Different Types Of Lip Fillers Are Available On The Market ?

There is a very diverse range of of lip filler brands available on the open market today in Australia and the world. As practicing cosmetic doctors, we only approve of and use only the best possible dermal fillers which are approved by the TGA right here in Australia. We have 3 different fillers that we use which are of the highest quality on the market. They vary slightly in viscosity and allow us to adapt to each persons individual characteristics.

Are All Dermal Fillers The Same and Produce The Same Results ?

No, not all dermal fillers are the same or produce the same results. Dermal filler results depend largely on the quality of the filler used and the skill of the treating doctor. We use only the highest quality, TGA approved fillers on the market and our doctors are all medically trained and board certified cosmetic physicians with over a decade of experience in cosmetic medicine. Not only do we use the premium filler brands, we also have 3 premium brands available in order to offer our patients a filler that suits their individual facial needs. As cosmetic doctors, we can not stress enough you keep away from non approved cheap lip fillers as they can come with serious complications and produce pain or discomfort and possible even disfigure your lips. Perhaps even more dangerous than the filler is to be injected by medically untrained and unnapproved injectors. Lip filler injections should only be carried by medically trained and board certified cosmetic doctors. If a nurse is to carry out the treatment bear in mind she needs to be supervised by an on site doctor.

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Who Is Best Suited For Dermal Filler Injections ?

The most experienced professionals you can get for lip dermal fillers is primarily cosmetic doctors who are very familiar with facial enhancements. The best possible natural looking enhancements come from experienced cosmetic clinics run by cosmetic doctors but underneath is a guide of what you should be looking out for.

  • If you are dealing with cosmetic doctors it is likely you are in highly experienced hands that are a well educated in the practice of lip filler. Also, have the courage to ask if you are skeptical for precisely what period of time they have been in the dermal filler business as cosmetic doctors.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask what brand of injectable is being utilised and if it is approved by the TGA here in Australia.
  • Premium fillers are not cheap. Always be cautious of very cheap injectable fillers as they can have adverse effects and also at the same time possibly even be illegally imported. There are many illegal dermal fillers on the market right now.
  • If you are going to have the clinic nurse or assistant inject your lips, always ensure the nurse has been in consultation with the doctor about your requirements. It is illegal for a nurse or assistant to inject you without prior contact with the doctor for treating your lips.

To make it as easy as possible to understand of the different variations of lip augmentation currently available in Australia, we have broken this up in to two categories.

Non-Permanent’ Fillers: General Duration 1-2 Years

As non permanent practice dermal filler injectables, the best recommendation we can put to our patients is the dermal fillers that contain their active ingredient, the identical polysaccharide (complex sugar chain ) which is generally present in animal and human skin.

On the grounds that these dermal fillers contain the same components as what is generally found in your own skin, any negative or allergy reaction you may have or encounter are virtually diminished.

Why Do We Believe These Are The Best Dermal Fillers ?

  • These types of dermal fillers provide some of the best possible correction
  • The track record of these lip fillers is usually strong and are considered as being the safest lip filler injections.
  • They should not be of animal matter or origin.
  • Track proven dermal fillers do not usually require pre-testing
  • Would ultimately deliver beautiful natural correction with lasting duration. 1-2 years on average is an expected positive result from some of the best dermal fillers on the market

Which Brands Of Fillers Are TGA Approved In Australia For Lip Filler Injections ?

If you are wondering what brands these lip fillers may be, for legal reasons, we can not disclose the brands or what types of fillers they are on the web or internet. If you would like to learn more about the best possible
injectables on the market with a proven track record for being the safest injectables. You can contact us and request more information with products that are used for lip fillers and about what would best suit your needs.

Are there Permanent Dermal Fillers That Can Be Used On Lips ?

Yes there are permanent to semi permanent dermal fillers that can be used as injectables but they do have a couple downsides for these purposes. The initial aim of these semi permanent fillers of course is to deliver volume to your lips, but the ongoing effect is to promote and stimulate the process of the body creating new collagen otherwise known as neo-collagenesis to the medical world. Based on the functioning principle of these products, there is an inherent risk of causing hard red lumps or what is otherwise known as granulomas. This can cause ongoing consultations with cortisone injections and even surgical excision which would not be comfortable.

As our own professional and decision based on experience with these products, we would highly recommend that these types of fillers are not used. Some clients would obviously find the enticement of semi to permanent fillers very inviting due to the minimised cost, but considering the risks and the discomfort these fillers are known for should complications arise, it is our recommendation they are not used.

Why Do We Consider To Do It Better Than Anyone Else ?

Our key focus for ANY treatment we carry out is based on 3 fundamental concepts: proportion, balance, harmony. We aim to bring out and work with each person’s unique facial aesthetic rather than create over the top changes that distract from our natural beauty. Along with our natural look vision we also have the experience and skills to create the result we intend. Our team is made of cosmetic doctors with over 30 years of medical experience and over 10 years in cosmetic treatments.

How we do it differently for a nicer result!

We do more than simply add volume. We take you entire aesthetic into consideration. We balance the size and shape to your facial features. Bolder facial features allow for bolder lips in the same way as softer, subdued facial features require a different approach. Our aim is to be precise in sculpting sensual lips that suit you.

We aim to create

  • balanced full seductive lips
  • not to overfill the lip border as many clinics are known to do. You may have seen instances of lips looking strangely enlarged and swollen around the edge of the lip itself. This occurs when filler is injected outside of the lip border and is often seen with poor injecting technique
  • lips that suit you – this is core and what many injectors fail to achieve!

How Are Lip Fillers Done ?

At La Luna Cosmetic Medicine, we always have board certified and highly trained cosmetic doctors that carry out dermal filler injections. Although we have nurses assisting us, all dermal filler injections are carried out by professionally certified cosmetic doctors.

Initially, we assess which areas need greater volume contouring, then we will numb your lips with a high quality topical anaesthetic to minimise discomfort. Although we have nurses that assist in our face and body procedures, nurses are not legally permitted to inject patients without doctor supervision. This is why we only have our own doctors for this.

Are All Patients Treated The Same Way With Dermal Fillers ?

Not all patients are treated the same way. No two lips are the same so lip injections are different for every client. Each individual patient is different and has different tastes, so the final result will be to the patients request. We will ask you how it is you wish to have your lips look and work to create your desired result. Our purpose with each lip treatment is to approach the entire procedure with an artistic finesse so that we create natural looking beauty.

How Does The End Result Of Dermal Injections To Lips Look When Completed ?

We use the best brand fillers here at La Luna and all the fillers we use are what is known as hydrophilic. How Hydrophilic fillers work is by attracting water from surrounding tissue. Mild swelling is evident for the first seventy two hours as the filler goes to work to reshape your lips. Once the swelling has dissipated, the volume of your lips will return as is anticipated by the filler used.

What Should You Avoid In The First 72 Hours Of Lip Fillers ?

While lip fillers are fresh in the first few hours, there are some every day habits you need to avoid as following :

  • Avoid firm pressure on your lips of any kind in the first 72 hours
  • No biting on foods that can cause the filler to move such as apples, certain vegetables and so on
  • No lipsticks
  • No firm kissing ( as enticing as it might be )
  • Be mindful of your lips in the first 24-48 hours while the filler integrates with surronding tissue in your lips.

How Long Does A Dermal Filler Treatment Last ?

There are a few different brands of fillers we use for lip correction, but generally speaking most filler treatments usually last 9-12 months.

Important Tips For Consumer Awareness In The Cosmetics Field Of Fillers

The cosmetics industry, especially in the last decade has exploded with more and more cosmetic clinics opening up not just in Sydney, but all around Australia. Filler injection in Sydney however have exploded all around the Sydney basin. Finding the best cosmetic doctors in Sydney or any city for that matter is important. Ask what filler they use and their level of experience to ensure you are injected safely and beware of clinics offering very low priced filler as fillers are generally expensive when bought from high quality manufacturers.

What You Should Consider Before Choosing A Cosmetic Clinic

The doctor who will inject you is ultimately the most critical factor on the results that you are targeting :
All clinics inject patients daily with fillers but only experienced doctors that carry years of knowledge, skill and artistic finesse can deliver the results each individual patient desires. Never be hesitant in asking important question to your injecting doctor or asking to show you proof of work at the clinic.

  • Many Clinics Use Nurses For Injection of Fillers :

    It is common practice for many cosmetic cliniucs to utilise nurses for injecting fillers however it is also illegal for nurses to do this without prior consultation by a doctor. This is why our cosmetic centre employs doctors within our clinic.

  • Treatments Should Generally Be Painless:

    We always use topical anesthetic to numb the area we will be working with

  • Beware of choosing  Treating Clinic Based Purely On Price:
  • Cheap cosmetic clinics are cannot provide premium service as fillers are high quality fillers are expensive even when bought directly from the manufacturer. Cheap fillers may also not be TGA approved and have not passed the quality assurance process and can be harmful. They may not use highly experienced experts in the field of cosmetic medicine. Highly experienced doctors may charge a little bit more but you stand to gain much from this in terms of experience, skill and artistic finesse which you will be overwhelmed with when you see the delivered results. Many times patients that go to cheap clinics come to us and end up paying more to fix poor cosmetic results.
  • Ensure And Confirm With Your Cosmetic Doctor That Injections Used Are Authorised By The TGA :

    There is a wide range of injectables on the open market today and may of these imported filler injections are not authorised by the TGA ( Therapeutic Administration of Australia ) Many of these imported products are also dangerous and can cause serious and painful injury to your face, especially in the wrong hands. For your own safety, please steer right away from cheap cosmetic deals you see advertised anywhere on media.

    As stated earlier, they are cheaper for a reason. Even packaging on these highly illegal and imported products is designed to be misleading or deceiving and can cause serious complications in the long run to your face.

    Deal with licensed doctors that are experienced in this field. Don’t be afraid to ask important questions. After all, it is your face and health you are risking. If you have any questions when it comes to facial injections or lip augmentation, please feel free to ask or call on 02 8096 1919 for further info and we will be able to assist with you with your needs.