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La Luna

Offering holistic and non-surgical enhancements for face and body.


A Fresher Look.

We offer clients individualised services with natural results.

Cosmetic Clinic Sydney

As one of the best non surgical cosmetic clinics in Sydney in natural look results, our cosmetic doctors have developed an intimate understanding of proportion and balance. We have evolved our skills over countless hours of training in non surgical cosmetic enhancements to achieve a uniquely elegant and natural look. We aim to deliver unparalleled precision in natural looking non invasive cosmetic treatment.

Anti-wrinkle injections Sydney clinic

Anti-wrinkle injections

Filler Injections

Non Surgical Facelift


Fractional Laser Treatment

Skin Tightening

Before and After Videos

Lip Filler 0:31

Lip fillers that add plumpness but maintaining facial harmony, proportion and balance. We aim for natural looking enhancements with lip filler injections that just look natural

CoolSculpting 0:50

Coolsculpting freezes stubborn fat areas which then triggers their natural elimination from the body. The technology is amazingly versatile and can be used to get rid of double chins, belly fat, thigh fat, hip fat, male chest fat and much more.

Lip Filler  0:22

Just giving that touch of plumpness. There is a beauty in subtlety and sometimes less can be more. Our doctors aim for natural aesthetics

Sydney Cosmetic Treatment Clinic

We are a non surgical cosmetic clinic in Sydney with a vision to create uniquely elegant and sophisticated enhancements whilst maintaining a natural look. The best Sydney cosmetic clinics necessitate expertise, experience and artistic finesse to provide natural aesthetic enhancements. La Luna offers many services whether you are searching for natural looking facelift clinics or non surgical facelift treatment, or maybe to just lose stubborn belly fat without invasive surgery. Our aim is to provide the upper echelon of services in every aspect of cosmetic medicine. As part of our mission to offer treatments at the highest level we have created a team of Sydney’s top cosmetic doctors who work exclusively with the highest quality products to ensure the best cosmetic clinic in Sydney is La Luna.

Our Non-surgery cosmetic treatment specialists and doctors at our medical aesthetic clinic in Sydney operate one of the best, anti-aging, non invasive natural look cosmetic treatment centres. As passionate non invasive specialists, we provide to our clients new non-invasive cosmetic procedures that always achieve natural beautiful results.

Our mission is to create a medical aesthetic practice that strives for subtle, balanced and harmonious enhancements that provide non invasive cosmetic treatments without surgery. We consider ourselves as one the leading natural look cosmetic clinics in Sydney

La Luna – Best Sydney Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatment Specialists

La Luna Cosmetic Medicine specialises in anti aging, natural looking enhancements of the face and body. As one of the best non surgical cosmetic clinics in Sydney, we are obsessed with our craft and have developed our skills over countless hours of training to ensure we offer the highest quality enhancements as one of the best cosmetic clinics in Sydney. We also provide the latest technology for new non-invasive cosmetic procedures to help you get the best results from our services.

We offer specialist services in our coolsculpting Sydney clinic, filler injections under eyes or anti wrinkle injection treatments and aim to embody art, beauty and science. La Luna was founded with a passionate and specialised objective:

To offer aesthetic, holistic and non-surgical cosmetic enhancements for the face and body through leading cosmetic services as the best anti aging clinic in Sydney. Just check out some of our non surgical facelifts before and after to gauge some insight as to how non surgery aesthetics can yield stunning and natural looking results.

The Natural Looking Sydney Cosmetic Clinic

Our cosmetic clinic is located in inner west Sydney Belmore, we are closely located to most Sydney inner west suburbs with just a few minutes drive from suburbs like Strathfield, Enfield, Belfield, Marrickville, Kingsrove, and the Sydney CBD. Centrally located Sydney cosmetic clinic from most inner west suburbs.

At La Luna, our team of highly skilled and qualified cosmetic doctors offer a wide range of non surgery cosmetic services including anti-wrinkle injections, filler injections, non-surgical face lift, coolsculpting and skin laser.

Our emphasis on balance, proportion and precision backed by some of the best cosmetic doctors in Sydney sets us apart as one of the best cosmetic clinics in Sydney.

La Luna offers non-surgical and minimally invasive face and body treatments to achieve a more youthful and refreshed look. We can help you get rid of wrinkles without surgery or even get rid of stubborn belly fat without surgery. From natural looking facelifts to treatments that help you lose stubborn fat, La Luna has all the services to cover your medical aesthetic needs.

Best Clinic For Non Surgical or Non Invasive Treatments

Our cosmetic doctors individualise each cosmetic treatment to maintain facial harmony and balance. We utilise the leading technology in aesthetic medicine innovating the blend of science and beauty. The La Luna team is made up of the best cosmetic specialists in Sydney so you can rest assured you will be in safe, skilled and experienced hands.

Check out our natural cosmetic results without surgery on our services pages and our social media. Book an appointment for all your aesthetic needs with our cosmetic treatment clinic today because as the best anti aging cosmetic clinic in Sydney, La Luna simply excels at natural non surgical results.

It’s what our client base has come to accept form our cosmetic treatments, natural beauty. As cosmetic doctors and specialists, at La Luna we have sharpened our skills over years of training to ensure you achieve your desired result from the best cosmetic clinic in Sydney.