Jowl Droop And Tightening Sagging Skin

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Looking for a non-surgical jowl lift to lift sagging skin? As cosmetic doctors, one of our most popular requests at our cosmetic clinic is to get rid of jowl droop. If you have started to see your jowls slowly drooping and are wondering what causes droopy jowls or when it starts, read on for some insights. As we age some of us may start to lose the firmness of our skin and develop sagging jowls and the sudden appearance of marionette lines.

The loss of collagen (the skin’s main structural protein) with age along with a decrease in facial fat pads result in volume loss from your jowl area and usually result in jowl formation and the loss of jawline definition. There are non-surgical methods for restoring the tightness of skin around the jowls by lifting sagging skin with PDO thread lifting or replacing the volume with fillers. We use thread lifting rather than fillers because the aim is to lift and tighten the skin rather than add further weight with fillers. This is the best non-surgical procedure to achieve natural jow lift without the risks of facial lift surgery or potential scarring from surgical facelifts. La Luna is one of the most experienced clinics in this field as our non surgical cosmetic doctors and have successfully carried out hundreds of thread lifting procedures over the past decade.

What Is The Jowl?

The Jowl is basically the lower part of the cheeks area. Jowl droop becomes more evident with age or facial weight loss and usually starts to droop as we get older.

What Are Marionette Lines ?

Marrionette lines are crease lines that run from the end or corners of the lips or mouth down to the chin. This is also part of the area together with the lower cheek area which is lifted to restore a youthful appearance.

This whole facial area over our growing age starts to droop from facial actions, stretching of skin when smiling, laughing and gravity forcing fat pads down as well also aids in jowl droop. The main driving factor however is the loss of collagen which is the protein in the skin that holds our tissue tightly. The effectiveness of the thread lifting is that not only does it physically lift tissue it also stimulates new collagen for tighter skin.

Jowl Lift

What Does Non Surgical Jowl Lift Consist Of ?

Usually, a non-surgical jowl lift consists of combinations of cosmetic treatments aimed at tightening and lifting sagging skin. Alternatively replacing volume can also increase youthful sharpness. Thread face lifting provides the most effective non-surgical facial procedure to achieve a jowl lift for long term gains and sustainability

So What In Turn Really Causes Jowl Droop ?

  • Jowls are caused by a loss of the skins tightness and elasticity due to loss of collagen, a key protein in the skin. As we age and collagen is gradually lost the skin can lose its strength and begin to sag. Although ageing is the most common cause of jowls, smoking and sun damage can increase the loss of collagen and precipitate sagging skin. There is also an element of genetics that can play a role in jowl formation. If you naturally have less collagen in your skin and your skin is thinner and less tight you may be predisposed to developing jowls.
  • Weight loss can also cause jowls as our skin stretches with weight gain and there can sometimes be excess skin once this weight is lost.
  • Smoking causes jowls by increasing collagen loss and consequently decreasing the strength, tightness and elasticity of our skin. Sun damage also causes jowls as collagen is gradually lost when the skin is exposed to harmful UV rays over time.
  • Facial muscle weakening can also contribute to jowls. As our muscles support our tissues as we age their strength may decrease and lead to drawn down tissue. If this happens in the muscles around our mouth and neck then this can also lead to jowls.

Can You Get Rid Of  And Tighten Jowls Without Invasive Surgery ?

  • Yes you can get rid of jowls through non surgical treatments that lift the skin. A PDO Lift is an effective treatment that works to get rid of jowls by inserting tiny threads that lift sagging skin. The threads also work to stimulate collagen formation, the main structural protein in the skin, so that your skin becomes firmer and tighter. The threads dissolve after 3-6 months but the lifting affect lasts up to 18 months because the threads promote natural collagen.
  • The uniqueness of this treatment is that it works to slow down the underlying process of jowl formation which is collagen loss. By stimulating new collagen formation, this non surgical treatment works to combat sagging ageing skin. It is also recommended that you also prevent jowls by not smoking and protecting your skin from excessive sun exposure as both of these lead to collagen loss.
Jowl Lift

Non surgical treatment for sagging jowls

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How To Reduce Jowls Naturally

  • Thread lifting reduces jowls naturally by stimulating your natural collagen production. Collagen is a key protein in the skin which gives it its strength, elasticity and tightness. Thead lifting involves inserting disolvable threads superficially in the skin which act to immediately lift sagging jowls as well as promote new collagen for stronger skin. Considering the main cause of jowls is collagen loss due to ageing, this treatment is a non surgical option that works with your body’s natural collagen production in order to strengthen skin.

What Is The Best Non Surgical Treatment For Jowls ?

  • One of the best non surgical treatments for jowls is a jowl lift where dissolvable threads are used to pull areas of sagging tissue around the chin. The results are immediate and last up to 18 months. It is great for patients who have noticed drawn down tissue around their chin and jaw as it tightens this skin and defines the jawline.

What Is A Jowl Lift And How Does A Jowl Lift Work ?

  • A jowl lift is a procedure where thin dissolvable threads with small cogs are placed under your skin in order to pull tissue that may begin to sag with ageing. These threads work to tighten the skin and promote new collagen (the main structural protein) so that the skin increases its strength and firmness. The lift lasts from 12-18 months depending on individual factors. The procedure takes approximately 1 hour with little to no downtime.