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The Benefits Of A Neck Lift Without Surgery

By July 12, 2021 No Comments

Looking At Getting A Neck Thread Lift ?


The days of requiring to go under the knife with plastic surgery to lift sagging skin around the facial area are over. Now you can get a neck lift during your lunchtime break. Whether you require a jowl lift, a fox eye thread lift, a brow lift or anything to do with thread lift around the facial area, the ever-growing popular method of what is today known as the lunchtime facelift is now by far the preferred method of facial rejuvenation. With stiff muscles, low mobility, and a multitude of other pressing problems, the onwards march of age does some not-so-great things for our appearance. Unfortunately, while fine lines and wrinkles can be covered with a stronger foundation or a decent moisturising routine, issues like turkey neck are a little harder to hide.


Characterised by sagging, wrinkled skin around the neck area, this problem is most commonly caused by slowing in the production of collagen and elastin and is worsened by habits like drinking and smoking. Unfortunately, while lifestyle changes can prevent a turkey neck from worsening, there’s no medical way to undo this damage. This has seen countless individuals seeking invasive cosmetic procedures to at least minimise the problem. Luckily, there is now an easier way to tackle this all-too-obvious sign of aging, and it comes in the form of a PDO thread lift. Here, we’re going to consider what exactly a neck  lift is to help you decide whether it’s the right solution for your turkey neck troubles.


What Is A Neck Thread Lift ?


A turkey neck thread lift is a revolutionary non-cosmetic procedure that combats signs of ageing in the neck area through the insertion of dissolvable PDO (Polydioxanone) threads beneath the skin. The ends of these threads are then tightened and pulled back to reduce the appearance of neck-based sagging for a wrinkle-free, rejuvenated finish. This low-risk, pain-free procedure takes around 45 minutes and can last anywhere from one to three years.


How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost?


As well as leaving you out of action, and work, for a far shorter time than a surgical procedure, neck threads are around 40% cheaper, with average costs of around $2,250. Unsurprisingly, an impressive 80% of clients believe that it’s well worth the cost.


Who Performs A Neck Lift ?


Thread lifts are performed by doctors and nurses who have completed specified PDO courses, and who have at least six months of experience injecting treatments like dermal fillers. Preferably, you should seek a doctor who has extensive experience in thread lifts to ensure swift, effective treatment.


Do’s and don’ts after a neck thread lift


Neck lift side effects are minimal and mild, with some bruising and swelling typically the worst symptoms. You can even minimise these issues by following recommended aftercare do’s and don’ts , such as –


  • Do: 
    • Sleep with your head propped up
    • Attend a review appointment after three weeks
    • Stay cool
    • Apply a gentle antibiotic cream
    • Get back to your everyday routine


  • Don’t:
    • Engage in any other beauty treatments (facials/saunas/etc.) for two weeks after treatment
    • Attend dental appointments or similar where you’ll need to stretch your facial muscles
    • Sleep on or otherwise put pressure on your neck area
    • Wear moisturizer until swelling has subsided


Neck lifts offer a pain-free, fast solution to the problem of turkey necks, enabling you to look your best, and get back to life as normal on the same day as the procedure. Discuss these benefits and more by contacting our expert team today at our Sydney Cosmetic Clinic !