Sagging Skin

There are some effective nonsurgical treatment options available from cosmetic clinics for sagging skin around the face and neck. Many clients ask us what is the easiest way to treat sagging facial skin around the jowl, cheek or chin area? Non surgical facelifts or what is also known as PDO thread lift or simple ‘thread lift’, is one of the most effective treatments to remove sagging skin and lift the jowl area without surgery.

The thread lift uses thin threads to tighten and lift the skin to improve the chin, jawline and cheek area and therefore achieving a more youthful appearance. Non-surgical facelifts or what is called thread lift works to restore saggy skin and revitalise your face to how you use to look before the aging process. The thread lift takes around 1 hour and has very minimal downtime. The thread lifts ability to both physically lift skin as well as promote collagen makes it one of the best ways to lift saggy skin.

We have added some important points below on what causes saggy skin in some of your facial features so you can better understand the process that is involved behind aging or sagging skin and how thread lifting of facial features will restore a youthful look

What Causes Saggy Skin ?

  • Sagging skin is caused by loss of collagen, ageing, sun damage and loss of facial fat. The most common cause of sagging skin however is ageing. As we age our skin loses collagen and elastin which are the main structural proteins in the skin that give it elasticity and firmness.
  • Additionally as we age our facial muscles which support our underlying tissue can also weaken and further sag our tissue.
  • Another common cause of sagging skin is sun damage. Over years harmful  UV rays can damage our skin cells and increase the effects of ageing particularly aggravating loss of collagen.
  • Smoking also causes sagging skin by reducing blood flow and displacing the oxygen in your skin. Smoking also depletes important nutrient such as Vitamin C which play an important role in skin healing.
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What Causes Loose Saggy Skin Under The Chin ?

Sagging skin under the chin is caused by ageing, loss of collagen and weakening of facial and neck muscles. As we age our skin loses elasticity and the muscles around our face and neck lose strength resulting in drawn down and sagging tissue. It can be particularly pronounced under our chin as sagging tissue around our mouth and lower face can fall around the chin.

Many men and woman also tend to get saggy skin under the chin area after rapid weight loss and in some cases require surgery to correct the chin area if non surgical treatments can not help. Cosmetic facial clinics can help firm chin skin without surgery in many cases and visiting a cosmetic doctor who is highly experienced in non surgical cosmetic procedures could help you avoid many of the risks associated with plastic surgery. Cosmetic doctors in facial clinics will have in depth knowledge about non surgical facelifts.

What Causes aging Saggy Skin Under The Eyes ?

Sagging skin under the eyes is caused by the ageing, loss of tissue elasticity and weakening eye muscles supporting tissue. Fat that normally sits around your eye can also move down as we age and cause under eye bags. Sun damage and smoking contribute to this process.

What Causes Saggy Skin On The Face ?

Sagging skin on the face is caused primarily by ageing leading loss of skin elasticity and facial muscles strength. Contributing factors include sun damage from excessive exposure of harmful UV rays.

Can Sagging Skin On The Face Be Reversed ?

Yes It can. There are many treatments options that can reverse sagging skin. One of the most effective non-surgical options are thread lifts. With thread lifts tiny threads are placed superficially under the skin that lift the underlying tissue and promote collagen formation, the main structural protein in our skin. Collagen is one of the key proteins that give our skin elasticity and it is gradually lost as we age. By promoting collagen the thread lift not only lifts your tissue in the short term but works to prevent further sagging and ageing skin in the medium to long term.

Can You Reverse Sagging Skin On Your Face ?

Sagging skin on your face can be reversed by looking after your skin and slowing down the ageing process. Reducing sun damage and not smoking can slow down collagen loss causing sagging skin. There are also cosmetic treatments that can reverse sagging skin. Our most effective treatment is the non surgical thread lift. It is a procedure where tiny threads are placed under the skin that work to lift the tissue and stimulate collagen production. Learn more about

Can a thread lift help sagging skin?

Yes a thread lift can help sagging skin. A thread lift works by inserting fine dissolvable threads under the skin that lift the underlying tissue. The threads also stimulate collagen, the main structural protein in the skin which improves skin elasticity and integrity. As we age we lose collagen and this is a main cause of skin becoming drawn down and saggy. By stimulating new collagen the thread lift works to combat the skin ageing process.

Can sagging skin be tightened ?

Yes sagging skin can be tightened through non surgical means using a thread lift. Thread lift can help reduce sagging skin by inserting fine threads under the skin that lift and support tissue that starts sagging with age. These threads also stimulate collagen over a couple months which helps increase tightness.

Can sagging skin be toned?

Yes sagging skin can be toned through non surgical thread lift treatments as they the fine threads lift the skin and stimulate collagen, the skin protein that gives skin its strength, tone and elasticity.

Can you firm sagging skin?

Yes you can firm sagging skin by stimulating collagen, the skins key structural protein. A significant part of our skins strengths and elasticity is derived from collagen. Collagen can be lost in many ways including ageing, smoking and sun damage. Once it is lost the skin can begin to sag. So how does thread lift work ? The threadlift works to stimulate collagen formation by inserting fine threads under the skin that lift sagging skin and stimulate new collagen. The threads dissolve after 3 months but the new collagen remains allowing the skin to be firmer and tighter.

How to treat sagging skin?

Sagging skin can be treated by addressing the initial cause; collagen loss. Collagen is the skins main protein and a somewhat building block which gives skin its integrity and strength. The thread lift can treat sagging skin by inserting fine dissolvable threads that work to lift sagging skin and stimulate collagen for tighter, firmer and more youthful skin.

The best way to treat sagging skin?

The best way to treat sagging skin is to prevent or slow down collagen loss caused by ageing, smoking and sun damage. There are many treatments that claim to treat sagging skin but from our clinical experience we believe the most effective non surgical treatment for sagging skin is the thread lift. The thread lift works by using fine threads inserted superficially under the skin to lift sagging skin.

The beauty of the threads is that they also stimulate collagen, the key protein in our skin responsible for its elasticity and youthfulness. The threads dissolve after 3-6 months but the collagen stays so that the skin remains tighter and firmer. Here at Lu Luna cosmetic medicine, we have the best non surgical sagging jowls treatment that will reverse loose sagging skin and aging showing on your face with minimal discomfort and in the quickest possible time. if you want to tighten jowls give a us a call today on (02) 8096 1919 or visit our cosmetic clinic in Sydney and speak to one of our cosmetic doctors for a non surgical treatment for sagging jowls.

Jowl Lift

Jowl Lift

What causes the jowls?

Jowls are caused by a loss of the skins tightness and elasticity due to loss of collagen, a key protein in the skin. Jowls can also be reversed without surgery using thread lifting. As we age and collagen is gradually lost the skin can lose its strength and begin to sag. Although ageing is the most common cause of jowls, smoking and sun damage can increase the loss of collagen and precipitate sagging skin. There is also an element of genetics that can play a role in jowl formation. If you naturally have less collagen in your skin and your skin is thinner and less tight you may be predisposed to developing jowls. If this is happening to you, talk to a jowl lift Sydney cosmetic clinic or cosmetic doctors that specialises in non surgical treatments and they will be able to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Weight loss can also cause jowls as our skin stretches with weight gain and there can sometimes be excess skin once this weight is lost. Smoking causes jowls by increasing collagen loss and consequently decreasing the strength, tightness and elasticity of our skin. Sun damage also causes jowls as collagen is gradually lost when the skin is exposed to harmful UV rays over time. Facial muscle weakening can also contribute to jowls. As our muscles support our tissues as we age their strength may decrease and lead to drawn down tissue. If this happens in the muscles around our mouth and neck then this can also lead to jowls.

Patients often ask Can you get rid of jowls? How do you lose jowls? Can you tighten jowls?

Yes you can get rid of jowls through non surgical treatments like the thread lift that lift the skin without surgery and minimally invasive procedures.

What Is The Best Procedure For Sagging Jowls ?

Thread lifting is one of the best non surgical procedures for reversing sagging or loose skin and lifting the face without surgery. The thread lift is an effective treatment that works to get rid of jowls by inserting tiny threads that lift sagging skin. The threads also work to stimulate collagen formation, the main structural protein in the skin, so that your skin becomes firmer and tighter. The threads dissolve after 3-6 months but the lifting affect lasts up to 18 months because the threads promote natural collagen.

The uniqueness of the thread lift is that it works to slow down the underlying process of jowl formation which is collagen loss. By stimulating new collagen formation, the thread lift works to combat sagging ageing skin. It is also recommended that you also prevent jowls by not smoking and protecting your skin from excessive sun exposure as both of these lead to collagen loss.

Non surgical treatment for sagging jowls

How to reduce jowls naturally? The thread lift reduces jowls naturally by stimulating your natural collagen production. Collagen is a key protein in the skin which gives it its strength, elasticity and tightness. The thread lift involves inserting dissolvable threads superficially in the skin which act to immediately lift sagging jowls as well as promote new collagen for stronger skin. Considering the main cause of jowls is collagen loss due to ageing, the thread lift is a non surgical option that works with your body’s natural collagen production in order to strengthen skin.

What is the best non surgical treatment for jowls ?

One of the best non surgical treatments for jowls is a thread lift where dissolvable threads are used to pull areas of sagging tissue around the chin. The results are immediate and last up to 18 months. It is great for patients who have noticed drawn down tissue around their chin and jaw as it tightens this skin and defines the jawline.

What is a jowl lift ? How does a jowl lift work ?

A jowl lift is a procedure where thin dissolvable threads with small cogs are placed under your skin in order to pull tissue that may begin to sag with ageing. These threads work to tighten the skin and promote new collagen (the main structural protein) so that the skin increases its strength and firmness. The lift lasts from 12-18 months depending on individual factors. The procedure takes approximately 1 hour with little to no downtime.