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Thread Lifts Are All The Rage

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What is a thread lift And How Is It Done ?


Thread LiftsAre you a social media buff and spend loads of time on social media platforms like Instagram, FB or other popular platforms some of the biggest stars love to hang out on? Well, if that is you, then you would have noticed just how popular thread lifts and thread lift treatments have become as of late with the stars of the world.

Your local cosmetic clinic should be able to offer thread lift treatments today as they are sweeping the world as a cost-effective alternative to plastic surgery which everyone knows, runs in the thousands and is very much unaffordable by the majority of patients looking for a non-surgical facelift

In particular, with Fox Eye or the Cat Eye thread lift treatment and the popular jowl lift or jowl and neck lift. There are quite a few stars who have opted for these PDO thread lift treatments

A thread lift is basically dissolvable fine threads that are inserted under facial skin and attached to tissue fibres which are then pulled tight to help lift sagging skin on the face such as around the jowls, cheekbones, eyes, nose and chin and any other saggy areas on the face. This is how tightening saggy skin without surgery is done. These PDO or PLLA threads use barbs or what is known as cones to hold the skin tight once they are inserted and in place. This is basically what is known as a non-surgical lift and can achieve the desired look the patient is looking for.

Under normal practice and before commencement, your cosmetic doctor will discuss with you what sort of look you desire and will mark areas of the face to ensure the best possible treatment that will deliver subtle natural-looking aesthetics and balanced symmetry on completion.


Advantages and Disadvantages of a Face Thread Lift Compared to Surgery


  • Face Thread Lifts are Less Invasive

Face thread lifts are far less invasive than surgical facelifts, making them a preferable option for people who do not like the idea of ‘going under the knife’ and having full cosmetic surgery.

  • Face Thread Lifts Help With Problem Areas

The results of a face thread lift are impressive, helping to tighten skin and dealing with problem areas resulting from the ageing process. A face thread lift treatment is especially good at dealing with common problem areas such as sagging jowls which affect the appearance of your facial profile and will help your face shape look defined once again.

  • Face Thread Lift Results are Less Dramatic Compared with Surgical Facelift

Having a face thread lift procedure provides noticeable results but does not usually deliver the dramatic effects of a surgical facelift. This is good news if you are looking for more subtle results and don’t want your changes to look too drastic. Choosing a face thread lift can provide you with more natural-looking results, which is what many people hope to achieve through cosmetic treatments.

  • Face Thread Lift Does Not Require Extensive Recovery Time

Having a surgical facelift can require a considerable amount of recovery time while you are waiting for bruising and any swelling to subside. The initial bruising on your face may take a few weeks to start fading, and you will need time off work to allow yourself to recover during this time. You may find that the full results of your facelift are not visible for several months, so it could take a while to see your final look. In contrast, having a face thread lift usually only requires a day or two off work to recover.

  • Face Thread Lifts are Less Expensive

Deciding to have a surgical facelift can be a big financial commitment. The cost of a surgical facelift can be extremely expensive, and you may be apprehensive both about the amount of money involved and whether the results will be as you hope. However, a face thread lift is an inexpensive alternative while still offering you benefits such as a chin lift, cheek lift, brow lift, and jowl lift to give you a younger appearance.

  • Face Thread Lifts are not Permanent

A face thread lift is not permanent, so the results may not last as long as a surgical facelift. However, you may find that the effects last longer than you expected as a result of the procedure promoting collagen production in your skin.

Why Is Thread Lift Popular?

Thread lifting treatments are all the rage lately and especially among celebrities as they are very affordable, cost nowhere near the average cost of plastic surgery and have basically no downtime from work for most people. It’s also a very popular fad for many celebrity admirers who would do anything to look like their favourite celebrities.

How Long Does Thread Lift Last?

A thread lift treatment typically lasts anywhere between six to twelve months on average. This also depends on your type of lifestyle. A cat-eye thread lift usually requires a repeat procedure or maybe twice in the same but we would recommend nothing more than this to avoid tissue trauma or scar tissue in the same area.

Some of the benefits of a thread lift are that it can actually help maintain firmer skin even after the threads have worn off. Why? Because it helps stimulate the production of collagen purely because of the thread lift treatment which we might add is a huge plus for healthy skin. Added thread lifts over the long term will aid in creating even firmer-looking skin on your facial features. Any thread lift Sydney clinic will be able to help guide you and provide the best possible advice on this.

Other benefits A Thread Lift Can Offer

The reason that thread lifting is affordable these days is so that anyone can afford this non-surgical treatment and turn back the clock on aging. No more is available only for celebrities. The biggest and most popular benefit of course is that thread lift basically that youthful look that you once thought was no more. It is not necessary to any longer have to live with droopy cheeks or saggy eyes when this can be now be restored with thread lift treatments. Kiss that tired look goodbye once and for all.

The three most prominent features of the face that we find very much pronounce the tired look are saggy eyes, saggy cheeks and saggy jowls. You no longer have to live with this punishment from nature which just makes you look older. A simple ..” lunchtime “..thread lift can now fix this and wind back the clock.

How Long Does Thread Lift Take?

Most of these facial thread lift procedures take on average about half an hour to complete depending on client requirements. The actual procedure is usually quick. It is that quick it has been nick-named the lunchtime treatment. Has very little downtime and is inflicts minimal discomfort during the procedure. If you need to take time off, usually a day off will get you back on your feet.

Get A Fox Eye Or Cat Eye Thread Lift At Luluna Cosmetic Clinic

The Fox Eye or the Cat eye thread lift is very popular

Because this thread lift treatment is all the rage right now and probably will be for the foreseeable future, it would be highly recommended you find yourself the best cosmetic doctors in Sydney and that is where we come in. You must choose the best cosmetic clinic for delivering that perfect natural look with minimal discomfort and minimal inconvenience to you. Our cosmetic doctors will ensure you get the best possible results from the treatment that you are searching for and that the treatment is carried out in the most professional manner


If you want to rejuvenate your look and deal with problematic signs of aging, a face thread lift could be the perfect choice for you. This non-surgical treatment is inexpensive, carries less risk than a surgical facelift, but delivers impressive results.

Give our thread lift clinic a call on 02 8096 19 19 and talk to one of our cosmetic specialists for the best possible treatment or an appointment where one of our doctors can sit down with you and discuss your desires so that we can produce the best possible natural rejuvenated look that you have been wishing for.


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