Fractional Laser Treatment Clinic Sydney

What Are Fractional Laser Treatments ?

In our mission to become one of the best clinics in Sydney we also offer fractional laser treatments.  Fractional laser treatments are a safe and effective procedure for almost any skin type and can be applied to most areas of the body including the neck, chest and hands to provide a smoother tighter texture, and fresh, glowing skin. Basically a different type of skin tightening treatment

These laser treatments vary in intensity and are adapted to focus on your key areas of concern to ensure excellent results are achieved. They can also be applied using our ‘Laser Facial’ technique for a gentler approach to skin rejuvenation and to maintain healthy, younger skin.

It’s a proven approach to skin rejuvenation that uses laser energy microbeams to create columns of affected tissue deep in the skin, while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected, for faster healing and reduced side effects.

This allows the body’s natural healing process to rebuild the treated tissue with new collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks of youthful-looking skin and natural look result.

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What Can Fractional Laser Treat?

  •     Fine lines and mild to moderate wrinkles
  •     Pigment irregularities and melasma
  •     Stretch marks
  •     Crepey skin
  •     Scarring
  •     Sun damage
  •     Redness.

What Are The Benefits of Having Fractional Laser Treatments?

  • Provides healthier, younger-looking skin.
  • Improves fine lines and mild to moderate wrinkles.
  • Helps thicken and tighten thin, crepey skin.
  • Reduces pigment irregularities and melasma.
  • Improves the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Improves scarring.
  • Improves sun damage.
  • Smooths and softens the skin.
  • Reduces redness.

How Many Fractional Laser Treatments Will I Need ?

Fractional Laser Treatments are designed to be performed in a series of 3-6 treatments and are performed at fortnightly or monthly intervals depending on the skin condition, area, treatment intensity and desired outcome.

New collagen deposition occurs over the following 2–3 months and improvements may continue for up to 6-9 months. Call our cosmetic doctors today  to see how their passion to become the best cosmetic clinic in Sydney allows you to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Bookings: 02 8096 1919