Skin Tightening

What Is The Zimmer Treatment?

Skin tightening services in Sydney are another treatment offered at our La Luna Sydney cosmetic clinic. The Zimmer produces high energy radial shockwaves to increases blood circulation in the area. The Zimmer treatment increases collagen formation which tightens the skin. The Zimmer treatment also further reduces fat reduction after the Coolsculpting treatment.

What Areas Can Skin Tightening Treat ?

The Zimmer can be used for the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, male chest, arms, legs, buttocks and back as the go to latest technology for skin tightening treatments

Does The Zimmer Actually Work With Skin Tightening ?

Yes! The Zimmer has been scientifically proven to increase collagen stimulation and tighten the skin.

Is The Treatment Painful?

The Zimmer is a pain-free treatment and most of our clients find it enjoyable and relaxing!

When Will I See The Results?

Generally, results are seen 12 weeks after the first treatment as that is when collagen is produced. However, after the first 3 sessions you can notice visibly tighter skin.

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How Many Skin Tightening Treatments Do I need?

The number of skin tightening treatments you need depends on the elasticity of the skin on the specific area. Generally, 6 to 15 sessions are recommended. To know how much sessions you will need it is best to book a free assessment with our Zimmer nurse.

How Long Does Skin Tightening Take?

The treatment only takes 10-15 minutes

Is There Any Downtime?

No! there is no downtime with the Zimmer treatment and can go back to your usual daily activities immediately after the treatment.

What Are The Side Effects Of Skin Tightening ?

After the treatment, you may have some redness, bruising or tenderness in the treated area which may last up to 48 hours.

What Is The Price For Each Zimmer Session?

Below are the prices for the Zimmer for each area. Please note we also provide special packages on skin tightening so give us call and enquire about our packages at our Double Bay cosmetic clinic . It’s just how we endeavor to serve our clients as cosmetic consultants, as pain free as possible and with minimal interruption to your lifestyle. Through this process we aim to be one of the best cosmetic clinics in Sydney

Area Price Per Session
Abdomen $70
Arms $70
Thighs $100
Buttocks $100
Arms, Abdomen and Thighs $150